Entry Terms & Conditions


As event organisers we want to encourage as wider participation as possible and embrace new innovation and technological advancement within offroad cycling. However, your participation in this event is wholly dependant on you embracing the spirit of this non competitive event and you agreeing to only use an eBike that is classified as legal to use on the Public Rights of Way contained within the event route(s). Anyone found to be taking part on an illegally modified eBike will be disqualified.

Personal Accident Insurance:

Personal Accident Insurance is not provided by the Organisers. It is incumbent upon cyclists to provide their own insurance at their discretion. By ticking the “I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions *” tick box, you confirms your acceptance of ALL conditions of entry.


I hereby apply to participate in this event. I, or my parent/guardian, accept and agree that neither the organisers or officials, the land owners, sponsors or fellow participants shall be liable in any way, or under any circumstances, for damages or injury that I may suffer during, or as a result of participation in this event. I understand and agree to abide by the rules of the Colne Valley Mountain Bike Challenge and I agree that I participate in this event at my own risk. I must ride safely for the consideration of others. I also declare that the cycle that I ride is well maintained, in good working order and not illegally modified. I agree that the conditions of entry state that I will follow the instructions given.